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The research carried in the UWB Systems Group mainly addresses  development of UWB positioning systems and their applications.

The group activities cover:

  • development of UWB signals generation and reception techniques,
  • investigation of UWB propagation channel and its impact on localization results,
  • development of UWB positioning systems hardware and software,
  • development of positioning algorithms,
  • design and investigation of transmission schemes in UWB positioning systems,
  • data fusion algorithms combining UWB system results with other measurement results e.g. from inertial sensors, laser scanners and odometry systems.


Developed devices support two basic architectures:

  • multilateral –¬† i.e. architecture in which a tag being a source of signal is localized with a network of anchors/receivers
  • unilateral – i.e. architecture in which the tag measures signals transmitted by anchors and calculates its own position

A set of nodes and tags for both positioning system architectures is shown in Fig .1


system components