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The objective of the NITICS (Networked Infrastructure for Innovative Home Care Solutions) AAL project (1.05.2013 – 30.11.2015)  was development of an expandable platform that offers advanced ICT services including monitoring and navigational support for the mobility of elderly and disabled persons in their home during their daily activities. Furthermore, it also brings suitable services for elderly and people with diseases or disabilities (mobility handicaps, cognitive disabilities and mental diseases) that can keep their cognitive capability (at both physical and mental levels) intact.

The project consortium included the following participants:

  • ECLEXYS SAGL (Switzerland)
  • SSW, Knowledge Society Association (Poland)
  • CITST (Romania)
  • Warsaw University of Technology (UWB Systems Group)
  • Siemens (Romania)
  • MKS Electronic Systems Ltd. (Slovenia)
  • SAPHYRION Sagl (Switzerland)
  • Eeleo (France)


UWB Systems Group activities resulted in:

  • development of the system for recording movement parameters,
  • developments of UWB positioning system for monitored person tracking,
  • development of algorithms for evaluation of elderly persons behaviour and falling down detection.