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 The EIGER (Design of Enhanced Reliable GNSS/UWB Personal Navigation Devices) project (1.11.2013 – 30.10.2015) was focused on the design of a propagation environment-independent hybrid GNSS/UWB-based standalone Personal Navigation Device (PND) that is able to meet the today’s most stringent Location Based Services (LBS) requirements in both outdoor and indoor situations.The project consortium included the following participants:
  • ECLEXYS SAGL,  Switzerland
  • Warsaw University of Technology (UWB Systems Group)
  • SAPHYRION SAGL,  Switzerland
  • POLE STAR SA,  France
  • Laser Navigation srl,  Italy


eiger_uwb_arch_en The general EIGER system idea is presented in Fig 1. The personal navigation device is composed of a positioning module and a smartphone or a tablet. The position is determined with GNSS (outdoors) or with UWB positioning system (indoors).

The UWB part of the system was designed and implemented by the UWB Systems Group.  The developed system is TDOA based and utilizes wirelessly synchronized infrastructure.  The unilateral system architecture (the receiver itself calculates its position) allows for independent navigation and easy system scaling.

UWB Systems Group  developed anchor node modules , firmware and software applications supporting UWB localization system deployment and testing. The developed modules and software were a basis for development by Saphyrion SAGL the final positioning module integrating GNSS and UWB parts.