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The CTMS (Concrete Temperature Measuring System) is a system developed in cooperation with Mostostal Warszawa (leading polish construction company). The system is intended for recording concrete temperature during the curing process.

Large concrete structures generate excessive heat during cement hydration. Therefore the curing process must be controlled to ensure that the concrete attains the desired attributes.  The system enables such control by providing information on current concrete temperature.

The developed system  consists of several measuring nodes equipped with temperature, ambient temperature and humidity probes. The measurement results are transferred to the system control node and sent over cellular link to the server. Web application developed by the Valkir Group Sp. z o.o. allows for  results storage and their real-time presentation.

The system operates in 868 MHz band. The temperature measurement range is from -20 to 125 C. Battery supplied devices are suited for over one week operation. The devices are resistant to harsh weather conditions (IP67 class).



CTMS system components designed and developed in UWB Systems Group.